Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Privacy Policy

Information That GlobCredit.com Gathers

GlobCredit.com gathers information in two ways. One, it gathers information whenever someone supplies e-mail information to GlobCredit.com. This happens whenever someone subscribes to the GlobCredit.com email-alert service. Two, tracking information is collected as you navigate around the GlobCredit.com site.

Use of e-mail addresses

GlobCredit.com does not rent, sell, or share any of these e-mail addresses with third parties. That said, GlobCredit.com does use a third-party (FeedBlitz) for its e-mail distribution needs. FeedBlitz's privacy policy can be found here. Outside of e-mail addresses, GlobCredit.com does not collect any other information from its readers. In other words, GlobCredit.com does not collect any personally identifiable information from any of its readers.

Tracking Information Collected By GlobCredit.com

Tracking information is collected both on an individual basis and in the aggregate through the use of "cookies." A cookie is placed on a reader's hard drive by a Web server and it is used to identify the pages that a reader visits. GlobCredit.com monitors how long readers spend on each article and monitors how popular particular articles are. In addition, GlobCredit.com logs, when possible, Internet Protocol addresses, browser type, reader's location, monitor size, and time and date that you arrived and departed the site.

GlobCredit.com uses this tracking information to perform statistical analyses of its readers so that it can figure out which articles garnered the most attention and so that it can make product-development decisions in the future. GlobCredit.com may also use information collected to target, in aggregate, readers with advertisements that are most relevant.

Any information that is disclosed by readers in the comments section of GlobCredit.com becomes public and may be used by GlobCredit.com for publication and commercial purposes in any media that GlobCredit.com utilizes -- either online or offline.

GlobCredit.com has contracted with Sitemeter, a third party, to track and analyze statistical usage and volume information from our readers. It does this by placing a cookie on the customer's hard drive. This information is used by GlobCredit.com to track reader behavior, which can be used to enhance the quality of the GlobCredit.com site. Sitemeter's privacy policy can be found here.

For redundancy purposes, GlobCredit.com also uses Feedburner to track reader navigation around the GlobCredit.com site. Like Sitemeter, Feedburner places a cookie on the hard drive of our readers' computers so that GlobCredit.com can analyze reader tendencies, time spent reading articles, and reader interest in particular stories. Feedburner's privacy policy can be found here.