Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Need a Spreadsheet to Manage Your Credit Cards

My best friend once gave me this advice: you can't think clearly if your workspace isn't clean. The same advice is applicable to managing your credit cards as well. Keeping track of due dates, statement dates, annual percentage rates, and utilization ratios, for example, requires a management tool. Without one, I'd argue that you're no different than the kid who can't think clearly because his desk is cluttered with a bunch of garbage.

Because I have a host of credit cards, with different pay dates, it's imperative that I track my cards closely. To do that, I use an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should track pay dates, annual percentage rates, utilization ratios, credit limits, credit balances, etc. I use a spreadsheet that was created by a member of It's the best spreadsheet I've ever seen. And I use it religiously.

Given how important it is to never be late -- especially in the current credit environment -- having a spreadsheet that tracks your financial life is a no brainer. Let's face it, without a spreadsheet that keeps track of our various credit cards, it's easy to miss a payment. It's just the nature of the beast (and it's the nature of having a bunch of cards without also having a plan to keep track of them). None of us are infallible. Using a spreadsheet, however, minimizes the risk for us. It ensures that we won't have an excuse for ever being late.

Now that I have sold you on the idea of tracking your credit card portfolio, head over to to download a copy of the spreadsheet I use. It's free and it's not a commercial product. I'll let Joe -- the creator of the spreadsheet -- know that all of my readers thank him for the new tool.

Without further ado, then, the spreadsheet can be found here.


Anonymous said...

am so GLAD you posted this! This is exactly what I need! I have a few credit cards and have really been struggling with the idea of how to keep track of when things are due and more importantly my usage of them!

Credit Matters said...

I figured that this blog entry would be popular. Using a spreadsheet to track cards is a no brainer. This spreadsheet is really good, too.

Enjoy it.

SpaghettiBender said...

I appreciate the info. I just downloaded it and filled it in. What a big eye opener it is.

Credit Matters said...

Spaghetti, it is an eye opener. Once you see everything in a spreadsheet, you can see just exactly where you are.

I couldn't imagine tracking my cards without a spreadsheet like this.

Thanks for being a reader.

Anonymous said...

Just came across this site, hope it will help me keep track in this time of craziness.... said...

Anon, good luck. If you use the spreadsheet religiously, it will work.

Welcome to

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the sheet! ... and for your helpful blog... All the best~ said...

Thanks for reading the blog. And make good use of that spreadsheet. I use it to this day.

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