Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Weekend Roundup -- Anxiety Rises As The Era of Easy Credit Comes To an Abrupt End

These are the articles and videos that caught my attention during the week (some may require a subscription -- though I always try to get the free version of the article whenever possible):

  • Anxiety rises as the era of easy credit comes to an abrupt end (USA Today)

  • Credit Card Clampdown (Seeking Alpha)

  • Debtor's Prism (Wall Street Journal)

  • Pain Spreads as Credit Vise Grows Tighter (New York Times)

  • Choking On Credit Card Debt (Forbes)

  • Winners and Losers of the Federal Government Bailouts (Wall Street Journal)

  • Wall Street titans crumble under credit crisis (


ELusiveD said...

Even after the week just past, I enjoy this new ritual--cup of tea, and the Weekend Round-up. Great job as usual!

Credit Matters said...

Elusive D, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you like this little feature. I'll monitor my traffic closely. The first few installments haven't been well read. But I'll keep an eye on it. Hopefully traffic will pick up on this particular story type.

Anonymous said...

Hey wow. The weekend round up is more than a re-hash of the past weeks topics? I never knew...

Credit Matters said...

Yep. It's more than a rehash of my own stories. It's all the news that I found worthy of reading or viewing during the past week.

Clawed said...

I found this interesting:

It's about the game of chicken we're likely to see in Congress this week.

Anonymous said...

I find this very useful and interesting, CM! You do all the work for us. :)

Thanks again for all you're doing!


Credit Matters said...

Thanks, Anon. Just getting home from school -- otherwise I would have commented earlier.

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