Monday, September 1, 2008

The Weekend Roundup -- A New Feature at Credit Matters

I'm a newshound. I try to read as many credit stories as I possibly can. I probably read more than 50 credit stories a week. My readers, however, don't have that luxury. You're all tremendously busy during the week -- and there is simply no way that you could read everything that's getting published on a regular basis.

That's where "The Weekend Roundup" comes in. I figure a weekly roundup of the stuff I find interesting and useful may serve you well. I'll do all of the legwork for you. I'll do the reading and then sort the bad from the good. That way you won't have to waste your time on the stuff that is truly awful.

I'll publish "The Weekend Roundup" every Saturday morning (at 12:01 AM ET). Although much of the reading will come from the week that was, I'll also include stuff that I've found tremendously useful -- even if it was written a year ago. Good information is always worthy of a read.

I'll also need your help. I'm hoping that my readers will tip me off to newsworthy stories, too. If you come across a story that you think my readers would really enjoy, feel free to shoot me an email at .

My first "Weekend Roundup" will appear on Sept. 6, 2008.

Until then, be well.


Midnite said...

Excellent. I am looking forward to this... Thanks so much for your hard work.

Credit Matters said...

Thanks, midnite. I think it will be a good feature. Saves all of my readers from having to read everything out there.

Don Miguel said...

If I see anything of interest, I'll send it your way! Thanks again for an interesting and useful blog.

Credit Matters said...

DM, be sure to send the comments to my email address.

Thanks, pal.

Elusive D. said...

This is fantastic news: I'll get a mini Saturday seminar on credit issues now. Thanks for the heads-up on it--I look forward to next Saturday!

Credit Matters said...

This weekend I will be having articles and videos, Elusive.

Grab a coffee and sit back. Enjoy.

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