Friday, October 10, 2008

Credit Crisis Indicators -- Five Measures To Keep Your Eyes On

The New York Times has five charts that it updates during each afternoon. I have it bookmarked and glance at it each day. The more market savvy among us might find the charts simple, but for the average person, these do the job.

Given this crazy credit climate, I thought you might find this useful. Bookmark it if you do. Here is the link to the charts: Credit Crisis Indicators (link here)

Also, if you have market indicators that you follow on a regular basis, be sure to post the links in the comments section.



Far Left Texas said...

I don't profess to understand a lot about finances, economics, etc., etc.

But I like It gives me a cute graph and links to up-to-the-minute news. said...

FLT, I am a Yahoo fan myself. Even during my Wall Street days Yahoo did the trick. They've got a lot of tools.

Bob Wang said...

All this stuff is WAY over my head ;-) said...

Sure it is, BW. Sure it is. I can only imagine your trading station.

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