Monday, October 27, 2008

Isaac's Windfall: Where Should the Money Go?

I can't point my readers to enough of these kinds of stories. Even though the Wall Street Journal story uses the word "windfall," we're really just talking about one of the co-author's paychecks. The entire story deals with Isaac, the son, and how he'll deal with the money that flows from co-authoring these Wall Street Journal stories with his father, Steve. The article is chock-full of tips on how to handle money in general.

From the story (from Isaac's perspective): Isaac's Windfall: Where Should the Money Go? (link here)

But my response didn't come out of nowhere: I've known the benefits of saving since late elementary school, when my parents instated an allowance system. I could either get immediate gratification by spending my weekly 75 cents on much-sought-after candy or soda from the corner store, or stash my allowance until I "needed" the occasional luxury item like a CD or a book about dogs, my obsession at the time.


cb_opus said...

What a smart kid! I made $100/wk part time in h.s. a looong time ago. Wish I'd saved even half of it. :) said...

Isaac is one smart kid.

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